• Creek County homicide suspects arrested in Daytona Beach


    DAYTONA BEACH - Quick facts:

    • Robert Firethunder and a juvenile were arrested Wednesday in Florida.
    • Daytona Beach, Florida, officials say they received word that the two were suspects in a Creek County, Oklahoma, homicide.
    • They were arrested in connection to the death of Nickolas Ray Martinez, who was found dead near Kellyville.


    Daytona Beach, Flordia, police officials say they've arrested two suspects in connection to a Creek County homicide.

    Officials say they arrested Robert Firethunder and a juvenile on Wednesday.

    They say the arrests took place after Creek County officials contacted them about the homicide investigation.

    They said the suspects were allegedly in the Daytona Beach area to meet a woman and obtain some money.

    The two were arrested after police reportedly found them in a pickup that belonged to Kimberly Firethunder, the suspect's aunt.

    The two are suspects in the death of 19-year-old Nickolas Ray Martinez, who was found dead near Kellyville.

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