CPR saves near-drowning victim

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CHEROKEE COUNTY, Okla. — Quick facts:

  • Someone nearly drowned in Cherokee County at the Illinois River.
  • Someone on the scene was able to resuscitate the individual through CPR.

Officials at the Illinois River said someone suffered a near-drowning there Sunday afternoon.

Chris Carlson with the Grand River Dam Association said an 11-year-old and an 8-year-old were swimming without life jackets when the 11-year-old ran into some trouble.

Carlson said he tried to help the 11-year-old when he ended up going under.

Another man on the bank swam out to get the kids out of the water. He then reportedly went back and rescued the father too.

That man and another citizen used CPR to revive the father. He was taken to a nearby hospital.

Carlson said swift water was likely the cause.


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