Coyotes in Broken Arrow not uncommon

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Neighbors in Broken Arrow spotted a coyote in their neighborhood near Lynn Lane and 101st.
  • They recorded video of the animal
  • Wildlife experts say large areas of undeveloped land near Broken Arrow make it prime for coyotes

Broken Arrow neighbors caught a coyote on camera in their neighborhood in the middle of the day.

It happened near Lynn Lane and 101st street.

A viewer posted video of the animal to our FOX23 Facebook page.

Hide your kids,hide your wives,and hide your husbands too.We got Coyotes all up in here at 101st and lynn lane now

Posted by Josh Quick on Thursday, 24 March 2016

Reginald Murray deals with coyote complaints frequently in the Broken Arrow and south Tulsa areas.

“It is a predator but it's not something to become overly panicked about,” said Murray.

He said where there's one coyote there are probably 7 or 8 more nearby.

Wildlife experts say you shouldn't be afraid, but you should keep a close eye on your loved ones.

I showed him this video of a coyote running through a lawn in the middle of the day.

Officials tell me the animals can adapt to their surroundings very well and if there is water or food left out they're more likely to make their way closer to your home.

"They acclimate to human intervention so readily and so easily nowadays that people provide an overabundance of food, water, and shelter,” said Murray.

He said last year they trapped 27, the year before they had 30 and they're probably on track to have the same numbers this year.

"Be diligent and observant. Pay attention to your surroundings,"  said Murray.

In Oklahoma, you can hunt coyotes year round with no daily or season limits.