Coweta officials warn residents to conserve water, practice safe flood precautions

Coweta officials warn residents to conserve water, practice safe flood precautions

COWETA, Okla. — Coweta officials released a press release Tuesday informing residents about water concerns, river level concerns and flooding safety precautions.

Coweta officials say they have a temporary pump in place to re-fill the reservoir for their fresh water treatment facility. The pump will allow them to process drinking water for the city. Residents may notice a chlorine sent from water while the temporary pump is in use. This is normal, the water is and will be safe to drink and use.

Water continues to spread from the Arkansas and Verdigris rivers. In some cases, the overall water depth level is not rising, but the surface area (spreading out) has gotten worse. PLEASE CONTINUE TO USE CAUTION when traveling and DO NOT attempt to cross flooded roadways or areas.

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Barricades/"Road Closed" signs are NOT OPTIONAL for driver obedience. Those signs are there for a reason and state law provides for a ticket of up to $1,000 without children in the vehicle and of up to $2,500 if you have people under 18 in the vehicle and go around/remove a barricade. Wagoner County deputies and Coweta PD WILL write you a ticket. People ignoring barricades have resulted in several emergency water rescues over the past few days, endangering those who drove into water and those who had to rescue them.

With the increased water everywhere, West Nile virus is an increasing threat. Please use bug spray when outside and protect yourselves from mosquitoes as much as possible.

DO NOT PLAY IN or allow others to play in the floodwaters. Not only are the currents dangerous, but the debris and the possible contaminants are equally dangerous. Banks and areas near the water are eroding and unstable. DON'T GO LOOK AT THE WATER.

Officials have built a temporary earthen dike around the City of Coweta wastewater treatment plant to help protect it from rising water in that area.

The city thanks everyone for their help and efforts in conserving water. PLEASE CONTINUE TO CONSERVE WATER until notified otherwise by the City of Coweta. They do not know how long flood waters will hang around, nor how long it will have to operate with a temporary pump. Conservation is the best course to ensure residents continue to have adequate fresh water for everyone's basic needs.

If you've had damage, please report it. Help may be available, but only for those who report via this link:

With the increased threat of more rain and severe weather tonight, people living within 2 blocks of Coweta Creek (either side) between 111th Street South and the Arkansas River are encouraged to consider voluntarily evacuating. Shelter is available at the I-High at 14699 S. 305th E. Avenue. Pets can be accommodated at the City Animal Control facility -- call the CPD non-emergency number to make arrangements in advance. To check if you're in a flood zone, use this link: