• Coweta business targeted by burglars a 4th time in less than a year

    By: Jackie DelPilar


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    • A Coweta business was burglarized overnight.
    • Victims said two people stole a truck with tools from Precision Plumbing.
    • It's the 4th time in under a year the business has been targeted by burglars.

    COWETA, Okla. - Wagoner County deputies are investigating after a locally owned business in Coweta was broken into overnight.

    Surveillance video reportedly shows two people break onto the Precision Plumbing parking lot.

    Thieves Allegedly Hot-Wired A Truck

    Employees said the thieves hot-wired one of their pickup trucks and drove it through their gate. The truck had a brand new trailer hitched to the back of it, and was full of tools.

    The Business Has Been Burglarized 4 Times In Less Than 1 Year

    Employees said this is the fourth time in less than a year the business has been burglarized.

    Precision Plumbing Burglary
    Precision Plumbing

    They have since invested in surveillance cameras and have taken other security measures to try to stop the thefts. Employees said the crimes have been a huge blow to business operations and revenue.

    The victims asked the community to be on the lookout for both the suspects and the stolen truck/trailer.

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