• Couple arrested after allegedly assaulting two men with bats and gun

      TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts: -
    • Police arrested Kendra Boise and Scott Blanchard on Saturday near the 1800 block of East 71st Street.
    • All charges were dropped against Boise on April 18.
    • Tulsa police said that Blanchard and Boise confronted men they thought broke into their car a few days before.
    • Reports say that Blanchard pulled out his shotgun and confronted one man. 
    • Police say that while he was talking to the first victim, Blanchard discovered he had the wrong person and was directed to two other men. 
    • TPD says that Blanchard put up his shotgun, but took out his baseball bat and began hitting the victims. 
    • Police say that the victims managed to restrain him. 
    • Police say that both Blanchard and Boise admitted they mishandled the situation and that they were not sure if the victims were the ones that stole from their car.
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