Controversial billboards in Tulsa challenge Target's bathroom policy

VIDEO: Controversial billboards in Tulsa challenge Target's bathroom policy

TULSA, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • New billboards are turning heads in parts of Tulsa
  • The ads are against Target gender identity bathroom policy

New controversial billboards are popping up across Tulsa County and more are on the way.

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The ads, put up by a group called Flush Target, show a little girl coming out of a bathroom stall looking fearful, while a manly figure waits for her.

Alyssa Bryant, a transgender attorney for Oklahomans for Equality, said the sign is turning heads.

“Regressive forces in our society will always go back to the bathroom and say there will be harm to someone when there is not a single case of a transgender person harming anyone. We just want to go to the bathroom,” Bryant said.

Flush Target is part of the Canada-based LifeSite News. FOX23 contacted the number on their website to learn more about the ad.

A spokesperson told FOX23 they ads aren't meant to be anti-transgender. They said they are disturbed by Target's bathroom policies and would like to see single-stall unisex bathrooms in Target stores instead.

Target caught national attention earlier this year when they said customers can use whatever bathroom matches their gender identity.

They claimed Target’s current policy “perpetuates rape culture” by emboldening predators and putting vulnerable women at risk.

Bryant disagrees.

“It’s horrible and perpetuates a big lie. I think it’s disgusting and damaging to the transgender population,” Bryant said.

There are currently three billboards in northern Tulsa County.