Continued investigation into claims of neglect at Maplewood Care Center

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 continues to look into claims of neglect and inadequate care at the Maplewood Care Center near 61st and Sheridan.

Aaron Hall is 31 years old and is an incomplete quadriplegic.

“I have limited use of my left arm. It stops at my wrist,” Hall said.

Hall lives at Maplewood Care Center.

“I do not get changed properly, I have a schedule posted on my wall and it never gets followed,” Hall said.

He said he does not get the care he needs regularly, and he has been in a room for nearly 8 months by himself.

“There are days I wake up and cry because I wish I died in my sleep because of the care I get. That is the honest to God truth,” said Hall.

FOX23 spoke with a Maplewood employee with eight years’ experience in the caretaking industry.

She wanted to stay anonymous but said staff members are extremely overworked and some show little care for the people living there and their health.

“It is not picked up, not clean, a lot of patients not taken care of. Really noticed that right off the bat,” she said, “Very unorganized. The smell. You really noticed that when you got further in the rooms and patient rooms.”

She continued to explain, “It was very shocking and disturbing and very upsetting for the patients because they were not getting the quality care that they needed.

Monday night FOX23 spoke with a woman, Jennifer Robertson, who said her mom Lillie Poyner was not being properly taken care of, including medications not being given on time.

On December 30, in an email with DHS inspector, she was told her case was approved and neglect was substantiated. She said she got a letter from DHS confirming that in February.

On the Oklahoma State Health Department website FOX23 found a report showing - between December 17 and 30 there was a substantiated allegation of the facility failing to administer medications as prescribed.

After our first story aired, FOX23 spoke again with the property owners of Maplewood, Senior Living Properties, out of Texas, who gave this statement in an email:

Our Compliance Manager is actively on-site investigating claims and concerns. We learned that most of the claims were past concerns, which has already been addressed and/or resolved – having followed all reporting processes. Our Corporate HR Management team is also on-site to further correct and address recent payroll and staffing issues.

At this time, we decline any interviews, as our primary efforts are focused on the reassurance of our staff, along with the care and safety of our residents.

Hall said his experience is not a past concern, it’s his every day.

“It is like I am in solidarity. I never leave. They do not invite me to the parties. I sit here alone all day every day,” Hall explained.

In Poyner’s DHS substantiated neglect case, the letter stated it would be sent to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office. FOX23 spoke with District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler who said they get thousands of cases and records but until police are called, they do not get involved.

Kunzweiler said DHS may substantiate a case, but it would have to be criminal in nature and DHS would need to contact police and do a joint investigation before anything could be done.

“The protocol is and has long been for them to contact a law enforcement agency whether that is in the county or city that the nursing home is in, and that joint investigation will take place. It just depends on the circumstances if there has been a crime committed,” Kunzweiler said. “If you think a crime is being committed, call the police report let the experts do that type of work. if there is something going on maybe an injury or property being stolen. It cannot hurt to call a police officer out to where you are at an take a report.”

The most recent Oklahoma State Health Department on site investigation report in March showed no deficiencies at the facility after several allegations were made.