Congressman Jim Bridenstine says he will support Donald Trump

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Rep. Jim Bridenstine says he will support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee for president
  • Bridenstine previously campaign for Sen. Ted Cruz

Rep. Jim Bridenstine campaigned to help Sen. Ted Cruz win Oklahoma’s Republican Primary on Super Tuesday, but has made a new decision after Cruz suspended his campaign.

“I am going to support the Republican nominee and I’m going to support Donald Trump,” Bridenstine said.

Trump’s presumptive nomination has divided many inside the Grand Ole Party. U.S. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said this week he’s not ready to support Trump and both former Presidents Bush said they will sit out this election.

“I worked hard for Ted Cruz. He was my guy,” Bridenstine said.

Now he says it’s time to unite the party and rally around Trump.

“What we have to do is unite behind the Republican nominee, win the election and change some of the policies that have been damaging to the state of Oklahoma,” Bridenstine said.

He said that having Trump in the White House creates a better chance of having more conservative voices at the bargaining table.