Community members meet in Greenwood to discuss the future of the neighborhood, development plans

TULSA, Okla. — Hopeful looks and concerned faces filled the Greenwood Cultural Center Thursday night. As the City of Tulsa and members of the Greenwood community gathered to discuss the future of Kirkpatrick Heights and the Greenwood area.

The Kirkpatrick Heights and Greenwood master plan encompasses a 56 acre area bordered by Pine Street to the north, Highway 75 to the east, the Archer Street rail line to the south and the L.L. Tisdale Parkway to the west.

The city hopes to rejuvenate the area. They’re looking for opportunities to redevelop sites like Kirkpatrick Heights, also known as the steps to nowhere, just north of the Inner Dispersal Loop.

The city demolished these homes to make way for interstate 2-44 during urban renewal. The plan includes the sites of black wall street like historic Vernon A.M.E. Church, the Greenwood Cultural Center and Greenwood Rising.

The plan also includes the Tulsa campuses of Langston and Oklahoma State Universities and Two Tulsa Public Schools: Emmerson Elementary and Carver Middle School.

The city says development of the area will be driven by community involvement and encourages everyone in the area to reach out and get involved.