• Community celebrates Tulsa boy after fighting serious illness

    By: Jackie DelPilar



    • A third grader at Metro Christian Academy got the welcome of a lifetime when he returned to class Tuesday after being out with serious illness for over a month.
    • Caden Davidson was diagnosed with the flu in February, which escalated to additional health problems, including meningitis. He underwent two brain procedures and suffered a stroke before finally starting to recover.
    • Caden’s parents tell FOX23 there was a possibility Caden could become paralyzed, lose sensations in parts of his limbs, or suffer additional trauma from all of this.
    • Caden is now recovering, walking and has gotten the OK to return to school for half days. He still has physical therapy and other rehabilitation ahead before he is back to normal, but is recovering well.
    • Yesterday, Caden's classmates lined up outside of the building to welcome him back to school for the first time before getting sick. A video shows children chanting his name and cheering for Caden as he pulls up to school.

    • His family says they have a large network of prayer warriors behind Caden who have been supporting them through his journey to recovery. They are grateful for their faith and their close community of classmates and church members who have helped them through these difficult times.

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