Search continues for Neko, a blind dog missing from Collinsville

COLLINSVILLE, Okla. — UPDATE (05/19; 3:59 p.m.) — The search continues for Neko, a blind dog, nearly one month after he disappeared in Collinsville, Okla.

Ashley Sweet, Neko’s owner, has been active in her Facebook group “Bring Neko Home INFO & UPDATES” since he vanished on April 25, 2022. The group has nearly 5,000 members.

Sweet posted an update in the Facebook group Thursday morning. She laid out plans to search an area that “has not been checked yet.” The plan is to search Friday evening in a group.

Ashley Sweet has been searching the Collinsville area for her dog, Neko, since he wondered away after someone left a back gate open nearly a week ago.

She said that Neko, a male Akita, has been blind since he was a year old due to a medical condition that caused him to have his eyes removed because of constant swelling and eventual blindness.

“He has an auto-immune disease called VKH. It causes him to lose pigment in his hair and skin basically, and it affects the eyes,” said Sweet.

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She said search crews have been out with drones and search dogs, but they haven’t been able to find Neko yet.

“They did an organized search with walkie talkies. They walked for miles. They just basically went from the north and went south, based on the direction that the search and rescue dogs had gone, and we weren’t able to find him,” she said.

Sweet is asking people who live near 4010 Road in north Collinsville to look in their sheds and in shaded area’s because his medical condition makes him sensitive to light.

She said the same thing that made it easy for him to get lost ironically should make him easier to find.

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“He is all white, and he doesn’t have eyes. His nose is pink. He could be dirty at this point. He weighed about 130 pounds when he left, but he is friendly,” Sweet said.

Sweet said that she has put flyers up, made posts on social media, and has started a GoFundMe in hopes of finding him, adding that the lose has been devastating to her family.

“He was found as a stray, and he was starved to death. He only weighed 60 pounds. So, it’s really sad to think he’s had to go through something so traumatic twice in his life,” she said.

Sweet asks that if you have seen Neko, please call her at (918) 900-4284.