Claremore woman looking to break world record for tallest okra plant

CLAREMORE, Okla. — “The hotter it gets, the taller it got”

Linda Compton is taking her garden to new heights in Claremore, now with hopes of stealing the world record for tallest okra plant.

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Compton says this is only her second year to garden but already her okra plant is reaching 14 feet tall.

“It’s crazy. I never in a million years would dream it would get that tall. I had a little stool first because it was tall and then I got a little bit taller ladder and now we are at the six foot ladder and it’s still taller than that,” Compton explained.

Compton says the only other record for okra plant height she can find measures at about ten and a half feet.

She says none of this was her goal, but she’s having fun with it and just wants to keep going.

“I was just wanting some tomatoes and a little bit of okra and its grown to be two freezers full of okra... We are hitting almost a hundred pounds of okra this year” says Compton.

Now is the wait. Compton says she filled out an application with Guinness World Records but it can take up to 12 weeks for a reply.

“I’m sitting on pins and needles... but I’m pretty sure I got it,” she says excitedly.