Claremore third grader returns for first day of school after cancer treatments

VIDEO: Claremore third-grader returns to school after series of cancer treatments

CLAREMORE, Okla. — Justus-Tiawah Public Schools in Claremore returned to class Wednesday with a special celebration in mind for one of their students.

Staff members say third-grader Cory Tyre had a wish to make it to the first day of classes this school year, but doctors were not ready to release him.

Cory's mother says her son was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma over the summer.

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She says doctors initially thought 8-year-old Cory was suffering from allergies before discovering a tumor nearly blocking the airway in his throat. Doctors told her the tumor was growing fast and had a small chance of being benign.

The mother says she and her husband were terrified.

However, after several chemotherapy treatments, she says doctors were amazed when her son began to make a drastic improvement.

Cory's plan to attend the first day of school was back in action.

Doctors released the third-grader around noon on Wednesday, and he told his mom he was going to go to school one way or another.

Cory arrived for the last hour and a half of the school day -- and to a warm welcome.

His mother says friends and the school's staff organized a fundraiser and made t-shirts for donations to help pay for Cory's treatments.

School officials say when one of their families need support, they are there to help.

The principal of Justus-Tiawah told FOX23 that the school is like a small family, and they plan to be there for Cory.

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