Claremore ranch pairs real life "Bambi and Thumper" in physical therapy

VIDEO: Bunny rabbit and deer become bestfriends at Wild Heart Ranch

CLAREMORE, Okla. — UPDATE 2/28/19: Andy the deer was put down after severely injuring his leg while trying to escape vet technicians, according to Wild Heart Ranch.

It is with tremendous sadness that I share with you all that we had to give up on little Andy, the fence hung deer, and...

Posted by Wild Heart Ranch on Thursday, February 28, 2019

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A ranch in Claremore is recreating a classic Disney relationship while helping animals recover from serious injuries.

Wild Heart Ranch says it has a real life "Bambi and Thumper" in two of their animals being treated together; Scooter the rabbit and Andy the deer.

Scooter is partially paralyzed in his leg and was once in a wheelchair due to the severity of his condition. Andy is recovering from a severe hoof injury.

Scooter got to Wild Heart Ranch about a year ago and the ranch says he has formed a relationship with several of the wild deer who pass through. They say he helps calm the deer -- making it much easier for the staff to treat them, apply bandages and give them food.

Earlier today I posted a video of Scooter, our paralyzed rabbit, with Andy, a wild deer in for recovery from a severe...

Posted by Wild Heart Ranch on Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The ranch says -- unlike most animals -- Scooter is not afraid of the deer, and loves kissing them, cuddling with them, and being near them as much as he can be.

Andy will leave the ranch once he recovers, but Scooter is now a permanent therapy volunteer.

FOX23's Preston Jones visited the adorable duo at Wild Heart Ranch:

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