• Claremore police searching for suspected peeping Tom

    By: Mariah Ellis



    • Claremore Police say they have arrested 21-year-old Dylan Thomas Allison of Vinita in connection to a peeping tom incident at a local Walmart.
    • Officers say the victim, a juvenile, called in saying a man had put his cell phone under the stall in the men’s bathroom to use it to look at people.
    • Officers are not sure if any pictures or video were captured, but say the penalty could be as high as a felony and prison time.
    • The victim gave police a description and time that it happened to help them track down the suspect on surveillance video at the store.
    • Police say they were able to identify the suspect after watching surveillance footage and saw him loitering around another men’s bathroom for almost two hours at the store.
    • The suspect could be facing felony charges for peeping tom with an electrical instrument.

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