City of Broken Arrow gets new drones to assist with surveying storm damage

Broken Arrow using new drones for disaster response


  • The city of Broken Arrow now has added six high-tech drones that they will use to assist first responders.
  • The drones will be shared between the police, fire departments and the Emergency Management office.
  • Emergency Management officials say they will use the drones to help with surveying storm damage and getting better look at storm paths.
  • Now, the department is starting to map out all the city's river and creek areas. They want to have images that show the "baseline" to average day. Then when there's a high water event, they can use follow-up images to document how bad each area floods.
  • Officials told FOX23 another way they're trying to improve disaster response is by using the drones to gather photos and videos immediately following an event that they can send the state department of emergency management and FEMA before those agencies even make it there in person-- this way things like emergency declarations and federal assistance can be expedited.
  • The infrared technology on the drones could even potentially help during disaster response, finding people after something like a tornado rolls through.

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