Christmas movie filming in Tulsa starring Candace Cameron Bure casting extras

TULSA, Okla. — FREIHOFERCASTING is on the search for background actors to appear in a Christmas film shooting in Tulsa. The project is named A Christmas Present. This production is starring Full House and Fuller House, actress, Candace Cameron Bure.

The storyline centers around “Maggie” who runs her life and her family like a CEO who runs a business. As Christmas approaches, she realizes that this is her brother’s first holiday with his daughter alone without his wife who passed away. “Maggie” decides to use her Type-A, organization skills to bring her brother and niece a joyful Christmas they shall never forget.

Background actors are vitally important to a film shoot. Extras can appear in a scene as patrons, shoppers or employees and have no lines, but they help create a backdrop for the audience and make the moment more believable.

If cast, actors should expect to be on stand-by while on set, as the crew prepares the lighting, and set design, before filming their scenes.

FREIHOFERCASTING is currently searching for men and women, who appear 18-60 and who can portray Open House Guests on Friday, Sept. 23.

They are also looking to cast an Asian female, 10 years of age, who plays, “Maya” the daughter of one of the main characters in the film. The actress would need to be available on Saturday, Sept. 24.

As the movie takes place during the holidays, background actors will be asked to bring 2-3 options of their own winter or holiday attire.

The non-union pay rate background is $68 for up to 8 hours per day. Anything after 8 hours will go into overtime pay.

A COVID-19 test is also required 24 hours before filming. Production will compensate for testing at $20 a person.

To be considered for any of the above roles, background performers must submit two current photos to the casting office. One head and shoulders close-up photo and the other should be a full-body shot.

The pictures don’t have to be Glamour Shots. Just make sure the images are well-lit, clear, and look like you.

Include, your name, age, and date of birth. Add your phone number, email address and the city and state you live in.

Make the subject heading in the email read, CP - (Name of Role.) For example, if you are submitting for the role of MAYA, the subject line would be, CP - MAYA.

Email all of the above to,

Remember, the audition begins in the email. That can be the casting director’s first impression of the actor. If one can follow the directions to submit, then chances are they will follow directions on-set.