Accused OSU homecoming crash driver's finances in question

STILLWATER, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Adacia Chambers pleaded not guilty to 4 counts of murder and 46 counts of assault
  • Her lawyer says they need expert witness funds for psychologists
  • The judge wants to take a closer look at her finances as well as her parents
  • A trial date could be set in June

A Payne County judge wants to take a closer look at Adacia Chambers' finances before ruling if the state should provide money to help her defense call expert witnesses.

Chambers was arrested after police said she drove her car through the OSU homecoming parade crowd. Four people were killed and dozens were injured.

She entered a plea of not guilty at the beginning of May.

The state intends to bring at least 100 witnesses in what could be a month-long trial. A pre-trial hearing in June could set Chambers’ trial date for late this year or early 2017.

Her attorney said they need money to pay for expert psychologists. He told FOX23 the state psychologist and other experts had "differing opinions" on Chambers' case.

Chambers' family said they cannot afford to help her. Her mother helped with the defense, but attorneys say she can't afford the expert testimony because she has been helping with jail commissary expenses.

The judge wants more proof Chambers cannot afford this part of her defense. They asked her father to testify and provide an affidavit on their funds.  The judge also requested Chambers' 2014 tax return.

The Payne County district attorney argued the court already heard from psychologists in the case and Chambers was already evaluated. She said hiring more psychologists to help the defense is not necessary.

The DA said if the defense does want them, the state should be able to cross examine them. She also argued Chambers was not in need.

Chambers claims she has only a couple hundred dollars in her bank account. The district attorney did not answer when asked if she thought those funds would cover the expenses.


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