CEO of company that operates a Tulsa nursing home with improper care allegations speaks out

TULSA, Okla. — FOX23 continues to bring you updates in an exclusive investigation into allegations of negligence at Tulsa nursing home Maplewood Care Center.

Senior Living Properties CEO Cassie Mistretta spoke with FOX23 on a zoom call and says that some of the allegations against the facility are unfair.

She also says the staff and the residents are not being properly represented.

“We always take all and any allegations seriously and we really appreciate feedback from customers and employees so we can address issues when they arise,” said Mistretta.

One of the people recently speaking out about improper care he says he received. He is an incomplete quadriplegic. He told FOX23 this quotes weeks ago:

“There are days I wake up and cry because I wish I died in my sleep because of the care I get. That is the honest to God truth,” Hall said.

FOX23 asked Mistretta about the claims.

“It broke my heart. When I visited the center, everyone loves him, they love him very much, he is well loved, and we have been taking care of him for years. Obviously, we are working to intervene and help improve his quality of life,” she said.

Tulsa lawyer Greg Denney represents several of the residents. He tells FOX he has filed six lawsuits against Maplewood which include wrongful death and negligent care.

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Mistretta responded when asked about those.

“We have not received those lawsuits. This was not a center that has received many lawsuits over the last several years so since the employees video aired lawsuits increased but filling a lawsuit is not an indication of guilt or fault, so we will rigorously defend the care and treatment out employees provide for the residents who choose to call Maplewood Home,” she said.

FOX23 asked Mistretta about the one-star overall rating on’s web page. Under the health inspections section, it shows the last inspection was February 22nd of this year. It shows 40 health citations. The total number of citations is from the most recent standard health inspection and last 12 months of complaint and infection control inspections.

“Coming out of covid the regulatory environment has been tough overall across the country specifically in Oklahoma and in Tulsa. In Tulsa itself the nursing home centers, over half of them are a one or two star in regulatory outcomes so the Tulsa regulatory body, it is very diligent in their oversight of nursing centers in Tulsa that is a high percentage of one- and two-star centers,” Mistretta said.

Mistretta says COVID and the great resignation impacted staff. she says they are working to hire, train and retain more employees.

FOX23 asked if Maplewood Care Center is getting the right representation.

“No, I think it is really heartbreaking the sacrifice the employees, when I was there. People miss their children’s birthdays to make sure meals come out on time and the food tastes delicious. CNAs are writing poems. We had two residents get married there this past weekend,” Mistretta said.

Mistretta says they have received blowback from the community and asks people to treat their staff and residents with respect.

She says they will always take complaints on the phone or in mail.