Cell City owners hoping to identify culprits caught on camera robbing their east Tulsa store

TULSA, Okla. — Alex Mejia is one of the owners of Cell City, a business located near East 31st Street and South Garnett. He says this is the last thing they needed.

“We literally just opened up a new location on 71st and Mingo, then this happens,” said Mejia.

Around 3 p.m. on June 30, two men in their 20′s entered the store.

In the surveillance video, the two men appear to be chatting with the manager, Marco Figueroa, and another employee.

“They were acting as if they were going to buy two phones. They asked if they could take a picture of one of the phones and that’s when they snatched them from their hands and took off,” said Mejia.

Figueroa ran after the men and was able to grab and hold down one of the robbers with the red sweatshirt on the ground. The ribber in the white sweatshirt escapes the store into the parking lot.

“The guy that is outside, pulls the gun and aims it towards Marco,” said Mejia.

Figueroa immediately releases his grip and rushes towards the back of the store. A moment later, the man with the red sweatshirt returns to the store to retrieve his flip-flops that had fallen off moments earlier when he tried to run off.

In video footage from a neighboring business, two men then rush over to a maroon or burgundy getaway vehicle that Mejia says could be a Chevy Traverse.

The men stole an iPhone 13 Pro and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Tulsa Police say they were called to the store for an armed robbery and are now investigating.

Mejia says there have been tips coming in from the community and he thinks the men could possibly live nearby.

Figueroa and the other employee who experienced the robbery believe the two men may have visited the store previously.

Mejia says that Figueroa was understandably shaken up, “One of them also pulled out a gun. Thankfully everything was ok.”

If you recognize either of these men or have information relating to their whereabouts please contact Crime Stoppers at, 918-585-5209.