• Cats dumped from van on Tulsa highway only have three days to find forever home


    TULSA, Okla. - A woman in Tulsa said she saw someone throw several kittens out of a white van on Highway 75 on Tuesday.

    Haley Scott said she watched it happen at an exit near the Gilcrease Expressway. She said she immediately called FOX23 News and took the cats to Tulsa Animal Welfare.

    Staff at Tulsa Animal Welfare are checking up on the cats' health. If they are healthy, they will be made available for adoption for three days.

    Animal Welfare officials told FOX23 a day that they have seen a lot of interest in the cats, but no one has formally adopted them yet. Fortunately, they have decided there is currently no timeline for potentially euthanizing the cats if they aren't adopted. Officials initially told FOX23 the animals could only be held for three days.

    If you are interested in adopting the cats, contact Tulsa Animal Welfare at 918-596-8000.

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