Catoosa police searching for man accused of stealing, pawning Michigan man's memorial flag

Catoosa police need help finding man's stolen memorial flag


  • Catoosa police have been searching for a man by the name of Bobby Russell who they say is a person of interest in a recent RV burglary involving a soldier's memorial flag.
  • Officers say they believe the suspect is the same man spotted in surveillance video. The footage shows someone drive up, get out of a car, and break out the back window of the motor home. After taking a look at the car tag, officers were able to identify the man, do a search and discover that he had visited a couple pawn shops.
  • Police say surveillance video shows the man selling some of the items at a Tulsa pawn shop.
  • The victim wanted to find the irreplaceable item taken- the flag the military draped over his father's casket. Officers later found the flag sold to a pawn shop in Joplin. Missouri. The police department in Joplin has also been working to find Russell who they say could face charges in two states.
  • The burglary happened Monday when the victim was on his way back to Michigan- he's a truck driver that commonly comes through the Tulsa area.

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