Can you leave your children at home during an Oklahoma teacher walkout? Tulsa detective answers

Can Oklahoma children be left at home during teacher walkout? Tulsa detective answers

TULSA, Okla. — Can children be left at home during a teacher walkout? A Tulsa Child Crisis detective answered that question for FOX23 Tuesday.

Cpl. Mark Kraft said there isn’t a law in Oklahoma requiring a child to be a certain age to stay home alone. However, he said that it’s important to know if they are mature enough and can make good decisions.

He recommended that parents avoid leaving children under the age of 12 or 13 at home alone.

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He said if a young child is left home alone and something happens, such as a fire or other safety hazard, the parents could potentially face felony child endangerment or neglect charges.

If convicted, they could potentially serve years behind bars.

Kraft said it's important for parents to start planning for childcare needs now if a teacher walkout happens over low pay and education funding on April 2nd.

If the child is too young and local daycare and churches are full, parents might have to consider taking off work or bring their child with them to work to avoid leaving them home alone.

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