Cal Ripken and Devon Energy searching for the most innovative STEM lesson ideas created by educators

The Ripken Foundation and Devon energy just released the new STEM Lesson Challenge for educators. The purpose is to give STEM teachers an opportunity to make their inventive lesson ideas a reality.

“We’re excited to team up again with Devon to positively impact schools and educators across the country,” said Steve Salem, president and CEO of the Ripken Foundation. “The goal of the competition is to allow STEM educators to demonstrate their creative thinking, taking an educational tool already found in their Ripken STEM Center and building a whole new lesson around it.”

Christina Rehkop, community relations director for Devon, said the company understands how important it is to support STEM instructors.

“Together with the Ripken Foundation, we value these teachers’ expertise and want to reward them for their great work in the classroom,” Rehkop said. “This new challenge taps into educators’ bright minds, giving them the chance to engage their students in an original activity and build teamwork in the classroom. We look forward to seeing what they come up with!”

To be eligible, educators must be 18 years old and teach at a school that is a Ripken-provided STEM center. Only one submission per person.

The entries will be judged by content and creativity, and one teacher could win $5,000.

The competition begins today and runs through Sept. 15, 2022. For more details on the requirements of the STEM Challenge or to submit an idea, click here.