• Businesses continue to rebuild after midtown Tulsa tornado

    By: Tiffany Alaniz


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:


    • Weeks after a tornado ripped through midtown Tulsa, businesses are telling FOX23 how they’re rebuilding.
    • Officials with the Starbucks near 41st and Sheridan say they are working to make sure the store is safe before they can open. They don’t have a date yet.
    • The building is reportedly structurally sound, and the Chipotle there is expected to be done by November 1, according to a contractor.
    • The contractor says the building was built with steel tubing and hurricane reinforcements in 2013 to help protect it during severe weather, and they believe that helped prevent further damage that others in the area experienced.
    • The contractor says the bricks used in the building date back 200 years and were first used in downtown Tulsa in 1901.
    • The bricks allegedly survived a fire that burned in 1996, and the contractor believes they helped protect the midtown Tulsa building as well.

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