• Burglary suspect accused of assaulting K9 officer during arrest

    By: Greg Brown


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick facts:

    • Police arrested Gary Wright.
    • Wright is accused of breaking into an east Tulsa church.
    • Officers said Wright assaulted a K9 officer when he was arrested.


    Police arrested a burglary suspect they said assaulted a K9 officer Saturday.

    Officers said they arrived at New Believers Church near 47th and Memorial after someone attending a nearby prayer meeting reportedly saw a man enter the building and set off the alarm.

    Witnesses at the scene told officers they had told the suspect not to go into the building, but the suspect went inside anyhow and locked the door behind him.

    Police allegedly found Gary Wright in the church building with some soda and candy he had found there.

    When a K9 tried to apprehend Wright, he allegedly punched and kicked the K9 several times before he grabbed it by the ears and started to twist them.

    Officers said Wright continued to assault the K9 until they could get him into handcuffs.

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