• Bundle up: The little-known dangers of cold on your body


    Beyond cracked skin and that lingering illness, cold weather can prove truly dangerous. 

    The drops in temperatures can literally change your blood flow. Trainers say it stays closer to your trunk, focusing on vital organs, rather than your less-vital extremities. 

    If you're not careful, a little illness will be the least of your worries. Instead, you could have a heart attack. 

    The best way to protect your heart- and your fingers, is to bundle up of course. But for some athletes, that's not ideal. 

    Trainers like Dan Newman at Union High School say plenty of proper warm ups are key for outdoor adventures. He keeps a close eye on athletes staying outside- especially the more vulnerable. 

    Maybe it's not a heart attack- maybe a child could already have asthma and upper respiratory conditions. 

    "They struggle a little more with the cold air," Newman said. 


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