Builders + Backers: The Plant Queen is ruling her ‘Plant Parenthood’ empire

TULSA, Okla. — Builders + Backers and Heartland Forward offers an entrepreneur program that supports and empowers, ideas, dreams and the creators behind them. If selected, candidates will be paired up with the ultimate mentors that inspire, provide workshops with a wealth of invaluable insight and an opportunity to grow successfully.

Britt Parrish moved to Tulsa in April, 2021 from San Antonio. She owns about 125 thriving plants.

“My ultimate goal has always been to open up my own plant shop,” Parrish shared. “Creating a space for plant parents who want educational events or want to network with other plant parents.”

Parrish’s friends suggested she apply for Builder’s + Backers, Community Growth Program and Toolkit 2022, and so she took a leap of faith!

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for [about] five years. But the scariest part is feeling as though you don’t know what to do, but Builders + Backers gives you some confidence. There are other people within Builders + Backers that give you what you need,” shared Parrish.

Builder’s + Backers found her passion and joy for plants contagious and purposeful. And the program is aiming to help her succeed with her vision.

“I think anyone that comes in contact with me, knows my passion for plants. I love the infectious energy that I give about plants because they’ve just done so much for me in my life and honestly gotten me to this point, said Parrish. “I just can’t speak enough about plants. And just like all the great benefits that they do physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, and they’ve really helped me grow into the person that I am. And I love that they teach me all about growth and I help them grow so it’s an equal mutual exchange.”

“How lucky are we to own a piece of nature in our own home?” said Parrish. “Or, when we don’t feel like watering, or when we’re having like bad days being around your plants its like isn’t instant like serotonin booster. It just instantly like changes your mood!”

Parrish recalls her childhood influencing her love for plants, and credits her grandmother for introducing her to gardening.

“She had a magical garden when we lived in Michigan, a huge backyard, with two humongous Granny apple trees, a Grapevine of Peach Trees and all the vegetables and fruits that your heart could desire,” said Parrish.

In 2020, Parrish had a travel business. Due to COVID, she wasn’t able to travel anymore.

“I fell into this deep depression. Honestly, like I was just so sad and feeling like, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel caged. I need to focus my energy towards something else, something more productive. I’m going to start an Instagram about my journey through Plant Parenthood. And that’s exactly what I did!” said Parrish.

She discovered that plants gravitated towards her. When individuals couldn’t find the plant of their dreams, she would somehow locate the plant for them. Parrish started to charge a finder’s fee. She would also help plant shops sell plants that seemed almost unsellable. She says she became a, ‘plant finder or a plant broker.’

As much as she loves all plants, succulents aren’t her favorite ones.

“They’re not my jam and I and I respect them enough to say they’re not my jam,” stated Parrish. “That’s not the plant for me. I have the plants for me. The Plant Queen believes there is a plant for everyone and she loves to help each person find what that plant is for them.

“I have a great relationship with my plants, I love. I know all of them. They all just give me just like different energies [and] different lessons,” said Parrish.

Parrish believes there is a plant for everyone and she loves to help each person find what that plant is for them.

Out of the 125 plants she cares for and vibes with, she does have her favorites.

“I have three humongous plants. This is this Big Mike, that’s my big Monstera. Love it. He’s huge,” said Parrish. “Another one is named is Ziggy and he’s an Alocasia Zebrina. If you can see he has zebra type of stems, so it’s called an Alocasia Zebrina.”

Parrish believes that finding Ziggy was fate. She came across Ziggy on a random trip to Dallas. She loved the plant so much, she arranged to move to Tulsa with it.

Then, there is the plant called, Mr. Fiddle.

“I mean literally it’s taller than me and it’s huge like a super long wingspan,” expressed Parrish.

Plants are an investment, but Parrish gets so much back in return from her plants.

“Everybody has that one thing that they’re just so connected to they’re so passionate about they just love so much they would spend. It doesn’t even matter the money like it does not matter. It brings them so much happiness and joy. And I was like for me like those plants like they’ve literally gotten me through some dark times. They literally just like you know. Plants have added benefits. They boost your creativity. They help reduce stress and anxiety. They purify. There’s so many benefits,” Parrish explained. “I really do celebrate when they give me new leaves. I speak affirmations to them. I play music for them. I dance in front of them like I, you know, like I kind of like to wiggle them to kind of make them feel like they’re dancing with me. I play lo-fi music, rap, forest sounds. Really anything, and whatever the vibe I’m feeling.”

Parrish’s April 3 plant and sip, from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. event sold out in one week! There is a waitlist for those who missed out on tickets and to be notified of Parrish’s future Plant events.