• Brother of Elliott Williams not hopeful change will come to Tulsa County Jail


    TULSA, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Kevin Williams spoke with FOX23 Wednesday about his brother's death.
    • Elliott Williams died in 2011 in a Tulsa County Jail cell.
    • His family is involved in a civil rights trial against the jailers.
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    The brother of a man who died in the Tulsa County Jail spoke to the FOX23 for the first time Thursday about Elliott Williams’ death.

    Williams died in in the Tulsa County Jail in 2011. The medical examiner said he died from a broken neck.  Video showed him lying in a cell for nearly 51 hours before dying.

    Opening statements in a civil rights trial against his jailers started last month. The family is seeking $51 million for the 51 hours Williams laid in the jail cell unattended.

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    His brother, Kevin Williams, took the stand on Thursday and told jurors his brother was a good man who was loved by everyone.

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    He told FOX23 the case is not about money, because no amount will bring his brother back.

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    Kevin Williams said he’s not hopeful that his brother’s death will spark any changes in inmate treatment at the jail based on the way they defend the jail’s actions.

    An inmate who claimed to witness inhumane treatment toward Williams also testified Thursday.

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