• Brookside business targeted by racist vandalism

    By: Ryan Love , Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa business owner said she believes someone targeted her business with racist vandalism due to the color of her skin.

    Monique Washington -- owner of Physiques By Monique in Brookside -- arrived to work Thursday morning to find that someone wrote an offensive racial slur in large black lettering across her entryway.

    Washington told FOX23 she has never had any problems in the neighborhood, and that the person who wrote the word likely has never met her but simply judged her based only off the color of her skin. She said she has not been called the slur since middle school and that people need to realize it takes more energy to hate than it does to love and respect each other.

    Police are investigating the act of vandalism and have gathered security camera video from area businesses in an effort to identify who is responsible.

    Oklahomans for Equality scrubbed the entryway after finding out about the incident and replaced the slur with "spread love" surrounded by hearts.


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