Broken Arrow woman says bobcat attacked her dogs; multiple sightings reported

Broken Arrow dogs killed in bobcat attack

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Some Broken Arrow residents reported seeing bobcats recently.

They said the sightings happened near 131st Street and Elm Place and near the Indian Hills Golf Club.

Witnesses said the cats are usually seen at night. They said they believe the animals have been displaced by increased development in the area.

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Valerie Terrell, a resident in the area, said the neighborhood used to be lively at night, but now it’s very quiet. She said an animal attacked and killed her pet beagle earlier this week.

Her second dog suffered a bite to the neck and had to be put down two days later.

The woman said she believes the bobcats are responsible and she contacted animal control. Officials said the best prevention is to keep property clean, clear brush where bobcats can hide and, at night,  bring in any bird feeders that could attract small rodents.

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