• Broken Arrow sets vacation rental regulations


    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - The City of Broken Arrow is rolling out its vacation rental regulations that are set to go into effect on October 21.

    The ordinance -- adopted by city council on August 20 -- establishes three types of short-term rental properties for those looking to operate similar to Airbnbs.

    Type 1, or owner-occupied properties, allow up to two bedrooms in a home to be rented out while the owner also resides in the home.

    Type 2 properties require a "Specific Use Permit" from the city and allow for up to four guest bedrooms to be rented.

    A Type 3 property, a bed and breakfast, also requires a permit from the city. In this case, up to eight rooms can be rented but a "hotel/motel tax" must be collected and remitted to the city.

    "No signage indicating short-term rentals is allowed for Types 1 and 2, and all must meet guidelines for off-street parking.  

    The Specific Use Permit for Types 2 and 3 allows the City to have oversight regarding life safety on these residences. Building inspectors and the fire marshal would ensure the property is up-to-code as part of the approval process." - City of Broken Arrow 

    The base fee for the Specific Use Permit is set at $350 but the actual cost of the permit will be based on the number of residences within a 300-foot radius of the rental property that would have to be notified of its use.

    The City of Broken Arrow estimates the average cost to be $1,000.

    This is the first such ordinance the city has adopted to allow vacation rental. 

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