• Broken Arrow family wants answers in inmate death

    By: Ashli Lincoln


    BROKEN ARROW, Okla. - Quick Facts:

    • Caleb Lee died in Tulsa County custody  in September 
    • His family wants to review the cell's surveillance footage
    • The family hired a private investigator, hoping to get answers in Lee's death and the case that put him in jail

    The family of a Tulsa County Jail inmate who died in custody wants answers- and they say jail administrators failed to be transparent with them. 

    Caleb Lee went to jail Sept. 6 after allegedly shooting and killing Dylan Todd Parker in a parking lot over a drug exchange. 

    His family said Lee was addicted to opioids but did not have a criminals record. 

    Lee died in custody Sept. 24; he was found lying in his cell and hospitalized. Medical records indicated signs of trauma that could be behind his death.

    Until Lee's family saw the records, they figured he died of withdrawals. 

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    Questioning the death, they asked Tulsa County Sheriff's Office for help getting answers. They say they don't accuse TCSO of anything, but they want transparency. 

    They've since hired a private investigator to look into the case surrounding Lee's jail time. They believe Lee shot Todd Parker in self-defense, and that Parker's transaction was a robbery set-up. 

    Tulsa County Sheriff's Office declined to issue jail surveillance to FOX23, claiming they are not required to do so. A spokesperson said the department will not comment on the case at this time, bu nothing indicates to them that Lee experienced trauma while in jail. 

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