Broken Arrow couple wrongfully accused in death of one grandson continues to fight to see the other

TULSA, Okla. — The Wagoner County district attorney dropped all criminal charges against Bill and Lisa Woolley earlier this year, three years after their grandson, Elijah, died in his playpen in their home.

The medical examiner first determined the cause of death to be homicide.

Child death experts, who usually testify for the state, concluded no harm was done to the child and that SIDS is the likely cause.

The Woolley’s tell FOX23 News they have since filed lawsuits against the investigators and other parties involved in the case and contacted DHS on multiple occasions to try to seek custody of their other grandson to no avail.

The Ekklesia of Oklahoma, a faith based organization working on justice issues, is hosting a peaceful prayer rally at 2pm this Saturday, October 23rd, outside the Wagoner County courthouse to shed light on the injustices the family feels they’ve faced again and again.

“What’s happened to us should scare any family,” Bill Woolley told FOX23 News. “You are definitely treated as guilty until proven innocent.”

A spokesperson for Oklahoma Department of Human Services sent FOX23′s Shae Rozzi the following statement:

“Child welfare matters are confidential by state and federal statutes, so we are unable to discuss the facts or circumstances of any child welfare case with anyone who is not authorized by statute or permitted by an order of the court. OKDHS takes very seriously our responsibility to protect the safety of Oklahoma’s children, and works diligently with everyone, including the courts and District Attorneys throughout the State, who tirelessly work to ensure the safety of those children.”