Broken Arrow community comes together with prayer service after murder-suicide

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — A prayer service was held after the deaths of a family of eight in a murder-suicide in Broken Arrow.

People from the community, along with first responders, gathered at First Baptist Church for a special service to support each other.

The service heard prayers and songs and people were very emotional at times.

Broken Arrow Mayor Debra Wimpee, Police Chief Brandon Berryhill and Fire Chief Jeremy Moore all spoke and thanked the community.

Chief Berryhill said resiliency was part of the first responders’ job but also called for the community to be resilient together.

“Thank you for your support, and know that we are stronger together than apart, God bless our City of Broken Arrow and help us to heal and move forward together,” said Chief Berryhill.

Chief Moore praised first responders and the people of Broken Arrow for supporting each other.

“In the coming days and weeks I ask that you continue to uphold our personnel in your prayers, but le’ts broaden the scope to also include our neighbor down the street, together let’s fill this community with such hope, faith and love that there won’t be any place for any additional senseless tragedies,” said Chief Moore.

Jimmie Rea lives in Broken Arrow and at the service. She said it’s important for the community to come together after such an event.

“It broke our hearts, it broke our hearts to see our firemen and our police officers have to go through what they did, so it’s just important, I think, for the community to come together in support, in prayer, and just that community spirit of pulling together,” she said.

“I hope it will encourage our firefighters and our policemen that they do have support of people here, because a lot of times they’ll get a lot of flack, but they deserve our support,” she also said.