• Website teaches small business owners to thrive by pairing them with millionaires and moguls

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    A local company is taking small businesses to new leaps and bounds by linking them up with world-class education from millionaires, moguls and everyday success stories.

    The website is called www.thrive15.com and it’s already changing the face of small business here in Tulsa.

    One quick glance around their office and it’s clear that CEO, Clay Clark knows what he’s talking about.
    Countless awards and newspaper articles line the walls with his success stories.
    Right now, he’s one of America’s most sought-after business and entrepreneurship coaches.

    With the launch of www.thrive15.com, Clark is working to teach entrepreneur’s speficially what they need to start and grow a business.

    "It teaches them marketing, sales and PR, and the idea is to have access to mentorship from millionaires and everyday success stories, and so the people you would never get a chance to meet are your teachers,” says Clark.

    One of those people includes former NBA star, David Robinson.

    "A lot of people don't know but David has been more successful off the court than on the court. He is the head of a large investment firm and also the head of a school called the Carver Academy,” says Clark.

    One of Clark’s success stories is Justin Moore. He the owner of Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge.

    Moore says he knew the business of men’s grooming, but had no idea how to make it successful.
    Enter Clay Clark.

    "He knew how to run a business, and knew how to get it out in front of people and knew how to build a brand,” says Moore.

    Moore says having Clark to help guide his small business is priceless.

    'A lot of times he would push me towards these other mentors that he has on Thrive, and that really helped me learn from their mistakes or implement what they did well,” says Moore.

    Moore has only been in business for three years or so and is already getting ready to open up a third location.

    It’s not just small business owners that Clark is hoping will thrive.
    He also wants to see the men and women of our armed forces be successful out of the service as well.

    "Entrepreneurship is not possible without a free market and economy so we just want to say thank you,” says Clark.

    When entrepreneurs subscribe to www.thrive15.com, Clark is giving a free subscription to our U.S. military members.

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