Tulsa's Most Dangerous Robber Nabbed

Tulsa's Most Dangerous Robber Nabbed
Marlin Mack
A man says he did what he had to do to stop a teenager who Tulsa Police believe is one of the city's most dangerous thieves.
Tulsa Police arrested Marlin Mack, 17, and his alleged accomplice Emily Weaver, 19, in connection with a violent armed robbery of a woman Sunday evening.
The robbery happened in front of her young children.
23's Abbie Alford shares the story of a man who took action.
As Juan's sister-in-law put her kids, just two and five years, and his five year old son in the car she was confronted by a thief.
"She started screaming, to ‘call the police, call the police, call police,'" says Juan.
The suspected thief, Marlin Mack, 17, is accused of choking the mother and yanking off her necklace and stole her bracelet.
Juan said he didn't want to stand by.
"So I got in my car and tried to see of I could see the license plate number and started chasing them," says Juan.
He chases them to the Colonial Park Apartments near 21st and Memorial where it got worse.
"The guy got out of the car and started shooting me," says Juan. "I ducked in my car and let them do the drive-by."
He called 911 and as he drove to the nearest QuikTrip for help he spotted the suspects car again.
"They went into neighborhood streets and the car stopped and the guy got out of the car and when he saw me coming he started shooting at me again," says Juan.
That's when Juan says he lost track of the gunmen but police caught up with the suspects a few blocks away.
Police found a Mac-10 where witness say they say the suspect toss in the bushes.
"Here he is with a machine pistol. What good 17-year-old needs a .45 caliber machine pistol?" asks Tulsa Police Robbery Sergeant Dave Walker.
Robbery detectives say the suspect may only be 17 years old but he already has a reputation for violence. A teen they say who wouldn't hesitate to take someone's life.
"Those rounds he shot yesterday had to go somewhere. It could have been someone walking down the street on a Sunday afternoon," says
. "Last night proves that he is not going to change. He is probably one of the most dangerous persons that robbery is trying to corral."
Thanks to one's man's courage one of
's most wanted is now sitting in jail.
"I know I was in danger but I'm glad I did it," says Juan. "I want to make sure he doesn't hurt anybody else."
Mack was on
's most wanted robber list. He was a target in the two week robbery round that just finished.
Detectives arrested 14 suspects, recovered four guns and two air pistols.