Smaller Alabama Communities Destroyed By Tornado

None — Families in smaller


communities are suffering after Wednesday's deadly tornadoes.

Bibb County, one that has the highest power outages has not been designated for Federal Assistance.

The county is about 30 miles southeast of Tuscaloosa.

FOX23's Abbie Alford talked to a

Bibb County

a family who barely made it out alive.

"Two of us in that hallway and the rest of us were in that bathroom," says Scott Nolan.

You're in disbelief and can't imagine how could anyone could have survived this devastation.

"Blocks were just whipping around us. My wife and kids were in here and Mr. Hobson and his family were in here," says Nolan. "The roof just popped off ‘poof' and then the bricks came swirling, the bricks were just slinging around."

Nolan says a few moments later it was calm and quiet.

"You're just dumbfounded, to walk out of something like that and live through that. It's amazing," says Nolan.

He says one person driving on the highway died.

The Nolan's walked-away with only cuts bruises, stitches and the Nolan's 16-year-old daughter broke her finger.

"The bricks and the debris, the wall was actually on her. So we had to dig her out," says Kristie Nolan.

She says after they crept out from under the bricks she couldn't believe she was alive.

"The feeling you are going like, you just can't explain it. You cannot absolutely explain it and I am not even going to try because I can't do it, I won't do it," says Nolan.

Now they drive by and see the bricks crumbled around the two fire trucks and Old Glory.

"'We were in that, we were in that, oh my God' that's what we think oh my God we were in that," says Kristie Nolan.

A fire station where they say they've now started two new lives.

"The place we almost died at we actually got married at," says Kristie Nolan. "We all have guardians and that is something I never want to live through that again and I wish nobody has to live through this again."

"It's been four days since the monstrous tornado ripped through


. The Nolan's say they didn't get help until yesterday. The local church wehre the American red Cross is helping to supply are the only places to seek assistance. The American Red Cross is working with local communities to stock up on relief items.