• Murder Inmate Posts Shocking Facebook Pics

    None - UPDATE--The spokesperson for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Jerry Massie, says Justin Walker has been moved to the Oklahoma State Penitentiary and placed in Administrative Segregation in the H-unit in McAlester. A cell phone was recovered along with some marijuana. Massie says DOC will be asking for charges to be filed in Greer County as well as proceeding with its own internal misconduct process. This happened less than 24 hours after FOX23 News reported Walker's Facebook to DOC.

    Tulsa man serving a 30-year-prison sentence for murdering an Oklahoma Sheriff finds a way to post some surprising photos on Facebook.

    FOX23 News found pictures of Justin L. Walker, 32 posing in his prison cell.

    Walker was convicted of killing Pawnee County Sheriff Dwight Woodrell, Jr. in 2001.

    FOX23's Abbie Alford looked into the Facebook postings that fly in the face of law.

    He's known as "Jus N Walk" and he's a known member of the Aryan Brotherhood Gang. He's not shy about posing with his cellmates.

    Folks we talked to on the street are shocked.

    "They are living it up in there," says a Tulsa man on the street.

    Convicted murderer, Justin walker shows himself smoking what appears to be a homemade bong inside his cell at the Granite Reformatory, a medium security facility in southwest Oklahoma.

    "He's smoking a bong in jail? In prison?" asks another man on the street.

    Walker posts more photos from his bunk apparently smoking a joint, holding a bottle of booze and a bag of weed with another man.

    "A pound of weed? Wow, bag of it. In prison?" says another man on the street.

    As FOX23 News continues to show folks on the street the pictures cause a lot of concern.

    "He has something in his hand, it looks like a knife," says one of the men on the street.

    It's a shank and he's licking it.

    Facebook shows Walker started posting pictures and comments earlier this month. He even added pictures of a girl he calls his daughter. She is posing with guns.

    "What kind of image is he setting for kids? These kids that are on Facebook and you got someone that is inside the institution that is loose like that?" says a mother on the street.

    Facebook shows the pictures are uploaded from a cell phone and on his Facebook page is a picture of Walker holding one.

    "That's an i-Phone. It's a Blackberry," says two friends on the street.

    The spokesperson for the Department of Corrections says it's a felony to have a cell phone in a correctional facility and officers aggressively investigate cases where inmates have smuggled in contraband.

    "I've heard they throw that stuff over the fence to them," says man on the street.

    Or smuggle phones and drugs hidden and in their body.

    He's even told friends on Facehook how to send money so correctional officers can't track it.

    "Walmart or walgreens sell green dot cards its called greendot" money pack reload card " it will hav 14 numbers on it then text me the numbers . Then I give em to my boy that got the store.cause they take all my money that's sent in I got big azz fines and medical bills for smashin fools out. Westsidin m/fers. You aint got ta send me any thing girl I know its hard on ya'll out there."

    Since FOX23 News first reported the story Walker has deleted some of his status updates and photos.

    FOX23 News was the first to tell the Department of Corrections about Walkers' Facebook page.

    The Granite Reformatory would only tell FOX23 News that action will be taken.

    Although, around 4:37 p.m. Walker did post on his Facebbok  "Just chillin its count time smoking a cig thinking about today's events."

    The Department of Corrections says it's up to the District Attorney in Greer County, location of the Granite City prison, to file charges against Walker.

    Walker could spend more time in prison.

    Federal officials are working on a law that would allow them to install a jamming system to ban inmates from using cell phones.


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