Jarret Clark's family reacts to final arrest in his death

None — WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. - A third arrest was made Tuesday in the eight-year-old murder case of Jarret Clark.

“Anthony Wallen was charged with first-degree murder for the May 2006 murder of Jarret Clark,” said District 27 District Attorney Brian Kuester.

“Very emotional day, but it’s a day of justice for Jarret so this is a day for Jarret this is Jarret’s day,” said Tammy Slater, Clark’s mother.

Tammy and Eric Slater spoke to the court after listening to the district attorney and Wagoner County sheriff give the details of the investigation.

“(Wallen is suspected of) beating him and putting him in the water causing Jarret to drown, languish and die,” said Kuester.

The whole time, Slater held a picture of her son tightly.

“It's very difficult to read those details to think what my son went through that night,” she said.

Two other arrests were made this year.

Courtney Manzer and Dayna Miller were both charged in connection to Clark’s death. Another suspect died in a car accident.

“I feel like every inch of this is getting our family closer to closure and that's what our family needs,” said Slater.

Wallen was arrested at his job in Haskell. The trial is expected to be sometime next year. Kuester doesn’t think the death penalty is likely.