Grove police search for missing man

None — The clues left behind in a Grove man’s disappearance make very little sense to investigators and his family.

"He had everything to live for,” said Timur Mardeyev’s brother in-law Steve Brown.  Mardeyev was 27-years-old when last seen November 29th, 2011. His family says he and his father moved from Russia to Grove after his mother died and then his father recently died in Grove.

However, he had a work Visa, he was engaged and was to marry in Russia and move back to Grove.

"We don't want to think the worse that could happen but any information,” said Mardeyev’s sister Gulnara Brown.

Police say Mardeyev’s GPS shows he left his home in Grove on November 29th and drove straight to Tulsa without making a stop.

However, there is nothing that connects him to the places he supposedly visited.

“Your mind plays the what ifs and everything else,” said Steve Brown.

Batman’s convenience store at E. Pine and North Mingo in Tulsa is the last place where his 2010 dark blue Santa Fe Hyundai was last seen.

Police are hoping a witness may have seen something at Batman’s or another one of his stops to help solve the mystery.

He lived with his sister and brother-in law in Grove.

His family says the day he was last seen he was acting different.

"He was real combative in his voice, he was real depressed. We just thought he was having a bad day,” said Steve Brown. “He got in his car and started it and left.

Ten days after he was last seen his family says they received a letter from Quacked Up Towing in north Tulsa.

Police say when the towing company found the SUV Hyundai at Batman’s the doors were unlocked and the keys were still in the ignition.

Police say they found a GPS in the windshield, GPS records show he left Grove November 29th. The digital footprint shows he turned around at the Turnpike toll plaza in Afton and drove U.S. Highway 66 to River Spirit Casino in South Tulsa.

His family says it doesn’t make sense because he had a Pike Pass.

"He went a way that I don't even know and I've lived here all of my life,” said Steve Brown.

The GPS shows the car was at the casino for an hour and then went eighteen miles across town to Batman’s at East Pine and North Mingo.

Surveillance video doesn’t show Mardeyev at the casino because by that time it had been deleted.

Police say surveillance video also didn’t catch the SUV at Batman’s because the car was parked where there were no cameras.

The family says a bottle of whiskey was found in the console of the SUV.

"It was totally strange. There is no reason for him to do that and there is no reason to have an open container,” said the brother in-law.

Nothing seems to add up for the family and they hope someone has answers.

"It's been almost three months and we don't know anything about him or what happened or if he is alive and it's just killing us,” said his sister.

Police say his phone has been turned off.

Investigators recovered DNA and fingerprints from the SUV but evidence is still being processed.

They are also searching his computer.

Police say Mardeyev missed picking up his wedding rings in Joplin on December 16th and he missed his flight he booked for Russia for the holidays.

Mardeyev is described a Russian male, 6’1’’ and 180 pounds.

Anyone with information about Timur Mardeyev is asked to call the Grove Police Department at 918-786-6121 or email Lt. Mark Sheridan at