Governor Mary Fallin Wants You To Pray For Rain

“There is a need for rain and we are a faith believing people and we are going to call forth rain, and people might laugh at us, people might think it's goofy, but I’ll tell you what, we serve a God,” preached pastor Bill Scheer of GUTS church. 
Ask, and you shall receive, well at least that's what Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is hoping for. 
“The governor has asked us to pray about the drought and the heat,” preached Scheer. 
In a news release last week, Fallin stated "I encourage Oklahomans of all faiths to join me this Sunday and offering their prayers for rain.”
“I beat her to it on Facebook to it yesterday," says Holly Carroll.  "I asked all my friends to pray at the exact same time, like simultaneously, we pray, like please let it rain, or turn on the air conditioning up there, amen!"
“This is
and we need to continue praying,” says another woman. 
Some think, Fallin is crossing the line between church and state. 
“I just kind of dismissed it,” says native Tulsan, Daryl McBride.  “I wouldn't go as far as to say, only in
“Rain is just left up to Mother Nature, we shouldn't have to pray,” says Emmanuael Wise. 
Our Facebook viewers write:
“I also prayed for my mom to come back to life as well as for the sky to be purple (my favorite color) tomorrow.”
Another writes, “While I'm not keen on mixing church and state, I do like that the governor is willing to try anything that will possibly help.”
State Senator, Rick Brinkely wants you to listen to Fallin's reasoning. 
“I think if people are making a joke out f this request by the governor, they really don't understand the implications of what it is she is asking for,” says Brinkley.  “This isn't like we would like to have a nice Spring shower, we would like to stop a drought, we would like to save the lives of fire fighters who are putting their lives on the line every day fighting these grass fires, and the fact that our farmers are facing devastation, this isn't a flippant little request, there is a lot at stake here.”
Binkley tells me Fallin was not elected to represent other states, she was elected to represent the people of
and her request is a reflection of Oklahomans. 
“For those people who are offended by this, my best piece of advice is to get over this, and if you don't pray then don't pray,” says Brinkley.    
“It's the bible belt that's what we do, we pray,” says Carroll.