District attorney glad for grand jury findings, worried about safety

None — ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. - A grand jury cleared the district attorney Janice Steidley of any criminal charges.

FOX23 has been covering the investigation into Janice Steidley since last year.

She welcomed news from the grand jury, but FOX23 learned someone is retaliating against her and her family.

She got emotional when talking about how this investigation has affected her personally and professionally, and she said it’s been a trying time for her staff.

She said was threatened Tuesday at her home.

According to a multicounty grand jury interim report, after interviewing dozens of witnesses for months about the more than a dozen accusations of wrongdoing against Steidley and her office, the grand jury has no probable cause to pursue criminal charges against her.

“I thank them for diligently looking at the evidence and realizing that it did not rise to the probable cause standard that was needed,” she said.

Steidley said she contacted local law enforcement agencies Wednesday to tell them it is time to put this behind them and move forward and work to do their jobs for the public.

She said the perception is not reality, and her office has been working with all law enforcement officials well.

“Are some not happy with me? Absolutely. I cannot control that. But our office is here to assist them as we always have been,” she said.

Steidley did express her concerns for her and her family’s safety. Tuesday, an explosive was placed inside her mailbox. The device had already blown up before her family or a postal worker had opened the mailbox.

The U.S. Postal Service is investigating.