Couple says meth apartment made them sick

None — A Tulsa couple wants some answers after claim they were forced to move out of their apartment, because the remains of a meth lab made them sick.

They say they weren’t told about it by the landlord before they moved in.

Tulsa Police discovered the meth lab at the Del Monte Apartments at 11th and Elgin back in March.

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They want the city to put an ordinance in place that would require landlords to disclose any type of information about a previous meth lab to a future tenant.

Lenett Wheeler and her boyfriend, Ryan Barnes say they had only lived in their apartment for three months, when they started to get violently ill.

"I was actually in the hospital about three or four times in one week because I was nauseated and throwing up, just breathing problems and all sorts of different issues,” says Barnes.

“We were suffering migraines and even slight breathing problems where we couldn't catch enough breath, but the migraines were extremely intense,” says Wheeler.

The couple says they were never told about a meth lab bust that had occurred in the apartment below them, when they decided to rent the place.

We did some checking with the City to find out what landlords are required to disclose to their tenants.

“Currently, there is no city ordinance for the city of Tulsa that requires the owner of rental property to disclose to prospective renters that there was previously a meth lab on the property,” says Bob Jackson, Drug House Abatement Coordinator for the City of Tulsa.

However, landlords are required to disclose that type of information to a buyer if selling the property.

“They are some very toxic chemicals that can cause you to be ill, and that is just one of the risks right now that has not been addressed,” says Jackson.

We spoke with the landlord who showed us the apartment after he had cleaned it up.

"We basically had to gut out the whole apartment and rip out the carpet, sheetrock and the whole nine yards,” says landlord, Ron Friend.

Lenett and Ryan have since moved out of the apartment and found another place to live.

There is a state law that requires landlords to notify new renters of previous Meth labs; however police say it is hard to enforce.

Some cities in Green Country including Sand Springs have enacted ordinances to warn neighbors when a Meth lab is discovered by posting notices on the door.