Broken Arrow makes changes to middle school boundaries

None — Students in Broken Arrow may not be going to the same school next year because the school board approved new middle school boundaries.

Under the new plan, fewer students would need to change middle schools to balance out enrollment.

At Highland Park Elementary school the decision will affect about 75 students, and the goal overall is to balance out the enrollment for all five middle schools.

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It took the district’s long range planning committee more than a year to come up with the right plan for each student. After holding public forums and asking for feedback from parents, the committee was able to draw up new zones to help balance out the schools.

"Anytime you change boundaries you will have parents that will have to make adjustments and change family plans and we are very respectful of that,” says BA Assistant Superintendent Amy Fichtner.

Stephanie Luker and her nine-year old daughter, Karsyn, are very close. She works at Highland Park Elementary as a secretary where Karsyn is currently in 3rd grade. Under the new plan, her daughter will go to a different school next year.

"Frankly, I'm glad to see them doing it. We had some schools that were jammed to the gills,” says Luker.

Some middle schools were bursting at the seams with 1100 students while others only had 500 students enrolled. Although Karsyn says she’s nervous about leaving her mother and her school, she’s also excited.

"I want to meet new people and have new friends that I can have when I go in my new class,” says Karsyn.

The district says every child will have the same opportunity including extracurricular activities.

Under the approved plan, close to 600 students will have to change middle schools next year.