• Brent Douglas says goodbye to his longtime radio partner, Phil Stone

    None - Family, friends and fans are saying goodbye to a Tulsa radio legend.

    Phil Stone was part of The Morning Zoo on KMOD for 27 years, but passed away last Wednesday from a heart attack. It came just a month after the show’s run came to a sudden end for listeners.

    Sitting on the back of his beloved 57 Chevy pickup truck, Brent Douglas opens up about the day he found out his longtime radio partner, Phil Stone had died.

    "I was like I need to contact him and say hi and that was like at noon on Wednesday, and then about 4:00 - I got the call from his son. I was like wow, I couldn't believe it. It was like one of those eerie feelings that come over you that I had about noon time. I needed to get in touch with him and you got to trust your gut - and I didn't,” says Douglas.

    Over the years, the two men won numerous awards and the hearts of listeners.

    "We were just trying to make each other laugh and that was all it was, and everybody else laughed along with us,” says Douglas.

    He admits their type of professional chemistry was rare.

    "It was two people that were put together out of weird circumstances that would have never happened before or again, and I'll miss him more than I have words to say,” he says.

    His family says Phil passed away from a heart attack last Wednesday leaving the radio world in shock.

    "We were just going to hang and play golf and go camping and fishing and he just never had a chance. He never had a chance and it was very sudden and shocking,” says Douglas.

    Right now, Brent says he’s still in shock over losing his friend and doesn’t know how to say goodbye.

    "I'll probably go out to the lake in Arkansas and say goodbye and try to do it on my own terms,” he says.

    Although he retired from The Morning Zoo, Douglas says he has a book coming out online soon and also a Roy D Mercer album in January.

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