Accused rapist used stolen identity to lure victims

None — TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police arrested Ashley Pullen Thursday night, and said he was luring women into his apartment and assaulting them. He used images of another man to lure them.

Pullen created a fake Facebook profile under the name “Corey Davis,” but used pictures of the real-life Richard Rocco.

He said a friend of one of Pullen’s victims sent him a message on Facebook with a link to Pullen’s fake profile, which contained pictures of Rocco.

Rocco is a victim of identity theft in what Tulsa police called a serial rapist case.

“I feel so sorry for the people who are being affected by this crazy guy,” Rocco said.

Ashley Pullen, aka Corey Davis, was arrested at his home in north Tulsa’s Bradford apartments-- the same place they said three women reported meeting Pullen.

“The fact that someone used my images makes me feel terrible,” Rocco said.

Reports showed that Pullen claimed to be a roommate of Corey Davis and reassured the women that Davis would be there soon. Police said he then drugged and raped them.

Police believe there are at least 10 more victims.

Rocco said that he hates that his face was associated with the crimes.

“I sacrificed six years of my life in the Marine Corps to protect innocent people. This is not how I want things to be happening,” Rocco said.

Rocco said he is working with Tulsa police and the district attorney’s office.

Pullen is in jail on a $500,000 bond.