• WAGONER FIRE: Flames continue burning


    WAGONER, Okla. - Quick Facts:


    A person of interest has been released after a fire burned five buildings in Wagoner.

    Emergency responders fought several hours to put out a fire that spread to five buildings in downtown Wagoner Sunday evening.

    A person of interest was brought into custody and questioned, but he was released after they no evidence connected him to the fire.

    A FOX23 viewer sent this video of the flames in to the FOX23 Facebook page:

    It happened along South Main Street near E. Church Street.

    Officials said thousands of gallons of water per minute were used to fight the blaze.

    Several departments and agencies assisted Wagoner at the scene. Firefighters were cycled in and out as they were pulled out to rest.

    County officials held a news conference at 8:30 Sunday night:

    No injuries were reported, but businesses in the five buildings were affected.

    Roads will be closed during the investigation. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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