Suspect arrested after Creek County officer-involved shooting

CREEK COUNTY, Okla. — Quick Facts:

  • Creek County investigators say Shawn Sexton shot an officer after a drive-by shooting in Slick
  • A driver was injured by debris; he was treated and released
  • Sexton was hit in the chest by an officer's bullet; he is expected to be OK
  • Sexton crashed into a bridge, receiving minor injuries
  • He faces multiple felony charges

A man faces multiple felony charges after an officer-involved shooting just south of Bristow.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol say the incident happened near Highway 48.

Officers in the area say the suspect, Shawn Sexton, fried  shots in the Bristow area when he went to Slick, Oklahoma, and fired shots at a house.

A homeowner reportedly suffered wounds on his knee where a bullet skimmed his leg. A bullet also reportedly went through his house, narrowly missing his two-year-old daughter who was sitting on a nearby couch.

Sexton then reportedly came back to the Bristow area and is accused of shooting at officers and shooting a man multiple times.

Police say they shot Sexton.

Sexton was wearing a vest and is expected to be OK.

OSBI is assisting in the investigation.

Local officers in Slick say they found around 12 shell casings.

A local firefighter in Slick preserved the scene with cut off tops of water bottles, placing them over the shell casings.

Sexton appeared in court through a video monitor Monday.

He faces five counts of shooting with intent to kill, a count of possession of a firearm after prior conviction of a felony and a count of unlawful use of body armor in commission of a felony.

His bond is set at $1.1 million.

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